Winfield Scott Stratton, FDR and Nikola Tesla 

Court1 editedHistory comes alive through Richard Marold’s portrayal of three significant characters in American history – Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla and Winfield Scott Stratton.

Backed by Marold’s over 16 years of portraying these characters in more than 700 appearances, each man is brought to life. Audience members will find themselves stepping back in time to an earlier period in American history.

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Following a talk, participants can question the character and the scholar behind him.

Since 1996 Richard has been editor of Cheyenne Mountain Kiva, a journal on the history of central Colorado. He is also the author of Reluctant Millionaire on the life of Winfield Scott Stratton; and FDR – Pivotal American President. Richard is also a member of the Colorado Humanities Chautauqua program.

Examine the outlines of each of these three characters to select one that will enliven your next conference, convention or dinner.