Winfield Scott Stratton – The Midas of the Rockies

Court3 72Experience an entertaining and informative visit with Colorado gold king, Winfield Scott Stratton

Stratton, an itinerant carpenter and prospector, became Cripple Creek and Victor’s first multi-millionaire. He will bring to life the excitement of late 19th century Colorado:  the rush to the Rockies, the lure of gold and silver, the flamboyance, greed and tragedy of those eager to get rich quick – all centered on the magnetism of digging a hole in the ground and finding wealth.

Stratton, a quiet, complex man surprised the people of his time when, being the wealthiest person in town, he lived modestly and gave his wealth to those people and organizations that served the common good of the region. His contributions continue to benefit the state of Colorado.


Return to a captivating period in western history as Winfield Scott Stratton recalls his life in the booming gold district of Cripple Creek – a period that shaped the first twenty five years of Colorado history.